We pie

We genuinely do love pie so much we'll work for slices of it.

Slicing Pie is a dynamic equity model designed for bootstrapped start-ups that allow fair equity split amongst all parties (known as grunts) involved in a startup until the startup becomes profitable or goes through a fundraising event. Based on the idea of giving out slices of a virtual pie that take into account the risk an individual or company has taken in investing in the startup.

orangejellyfish love to get involved early on, we provide our wealth of product and engineering knowledge to help you build and execute a technology strategy that makes sense. Sometimes we'll tell you to use stuff off the shelf, other times we'll help build you something bespoke. We're about how best we can get a product idea validated with data to prove it.

If you have a startup idea and want to grab some free advice off us to see what we think about your technology options, then get in touch!