Continuously delivering value.

orangejellyfish is a London-based consultancy with a passion for JavaScript, open source software and the cloud. We take great pride in what we build and maintain and we'd love to show you what we can do.

We understand you

We take time to understand your vision, your organisation, your process, and your product.

We hate building the wrong things, it's a waste of time and money. The journey of building the right thing starts with really understanding what value you are trying to bring to your customers, and whether a technical solution is the right way to do it. We help you to prototype and validate your idea as effectively as possible, often without even writing code.

There’s no point embarking on a journey together if we don’t take the time to understand how your organisation currently functions. We know that everyone does product differently, and the word "agile" means different things to different people. We'll make suggestions based on our experience to help align your process to fit with modern thinking on delivering software at pace.

We build the right things well

We value software craftsmanship, continuous delivery, open source and the cloud.

As experienced engineers we know that getting the foundations right is critical to the success of any build, just like a house. We ensure automated test, build and deployment processes are established from the very beginning. We build as a team, so we ensure consistency in the way we develop. We have established coding standards and review processes which allow us greater engineering flexibility.

We're not out to reinvent the wheel, so leverage what far cleverer people have already done for us by using cloud services and open source libraries where we can to increase our delivery velocity. However, we're happy to build from the ground up when a problem hasn't been solved, and will contribute back to the community where we can.

We keep the lights on

We cost effectively manage infrastructure to be secure, available, performant and scalable.

We take the time to understand what technology suits your product best, and how to ensure that your customers get the best possible experience. We love Serverless but sometimes containers or a cloud-provided service are more appropriate. We always build infrastructure as code so it's testable, repeatable and easier to reason about.

We actively test our infrastructure for weaknesses in security, availability and scalability, automating as much of this as possible to be a continuous process. We know that as availability requirements increase, so does the cost so we make data driven decisions to ensure we're not wasting money that could be spent on building new product features, whilst keeping the lights on.

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