We're a close-knit bunch of software engineers, project designers, product managers and more. We're based in the UK but come from a range of different backgrounds from all over the world.

When new people join us, it isn't so much about the culture fit as the culture add. Because we believe diversity brings different skills, experiences and opinions – making our work even better.


The team

Ross Greenhalf
Co-founder / CEO
Ex-head of software at Tesco, now running Orange Jellyfish delivering solutions incrementally at pace and trying to instil a better software craftsmanship mindset.
James Allardice
Co-founder / CTO
Co-founder of Orange Jellyfish. Passionate about building things at scale, especially with JavaScript. International speaker and tech advocate. Open source maintainer and contributor.
Our world-class engineering team is made up of experienced software developers and technical leads. Everyone understands the benefits of pair programming and collaborative code reviews and everyone takes advantage of our training perks.
Product Design
Our designers have a wealth of experience across user interface, user experience and product design. They’re all big fans of validating their ideas with real customers and work closely with the engineering team to bring those ideas to life.
Product Management
Our product managers are experts in creating world-class digital products, coordinating engineering, design and business stakeholders. Masters of data, they skillfully balance the delivery of product features, technical debt and overall outcomes.

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