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orangejellyfish are offering free tech support during COVID-19

orangejellyfish are offering free tech support during COVID-19

During this uncertain time we know that everybody needs to offer what they can to support each other, the community, and small business. orangejellyfish, as company adept in remote working, are fortunate enough to be operating relatively normally. This means we are in a position to offer help and support where we can.

Why we want to help

orangejellyfish has been going for almost 3 years now, and thankfully those 3 years have seen us grow beyond the initial uncertain phase of any business. Had this current situation emerged before we reached this stability, we'd be struggling to survive. We recognise a lot of businesses, whether early stage or forced to close physical locations, will be in an uncomfortable situation that requires them to adapt and make tough decisions to get through.

How we can actually help

As a consultancy focused on the web we are in a position to offer help and support for a range of technical problems. We are particularly well placed to help if you're struggling with a rapid shift in customer behaviour from physical to online retail. We can get you up and running on a platform like Shopify, ensure that you are able to take payments online and assist with configuring web-based customer support channels.

If you're already in the fortunate position to support your business and customers on the web, you might be facing new challenges in scaling and performance. As more and more people shift to online shopping it is likely that smaller sites will struggle with the increase in demand. We can help ensure your technology is able to cope and scale where necessary.

From the perspective of individuals isolated in remote locations with poor or limited internet connectivity these times may be presenting further challenges. If your websites and apps are not well optimised for such users they may be struggling to get through to you at all. We can help improve performance to allow you to more effectively serve more users.

And if you're struggling for whatever reason and need someone to talk to, we're available to chat, whether it's about tech or anything else. If you fancy a change in career to becoming a software engineer, we can give you some of our thoughts on how to begin learning.

In short we can support:

  • General tech support - we'll always try help.
  • Helping establish a way of selling online.
  • Scaling your technology solutions to cope with a surge in customers.
  • Getting your website performing well for all users.
  • Our thoughts on becoming an engineer (blog post coming soon)

How do I get in touch?

Just email us

Is it really free?

Yes, if you need it - we'll try our best to help, these are strange times, and we all need to help each other out. If you don't really need it, please don't waste our limited time.

Want to know more?

Get in touch.