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The Power of 'No': How Our Company's Growth Strategy Evolved.

The Power of 'No': How Our Company's Growth Strategy Evolved.

Every company has a defining moment. For us, it wasn't a big client win or a revenue milestone. Rather, it was when we realized that saying 'no' allowed us to deliver more value to our clients and partners. We learned that being selective about our 'yes' wasn't about closing off opportunities, but opening the right doors.

The Transformation: From 'Yes' to 'No'

In the early days as a small consultancy, cash flow and the feeling of winning work was king. We tried to take on everything. We thought this was the key to growth. But we soon realised that we were overextending ourselves. We were trying to do it all, and this diluted our focus and the quality of our work - it was a shit show.

This realization marked our turning point. We decided to become more discerning, to begin evaluating opportunities based on their alignment with our mission, our resources, and most importantly, the value we could deliver to our clients. The shift to 'no' as our default answer gave us the freedom to concentrate on what we do best. Our work improved, our clients were happier, and our growth became more strategic and sustainable

By saying 'no' more often, we've actually been able to say 'yes' to greater success. We've been able to focus on the right projects, deliver exceptional work, and grow in a way that benefits both us and our clients.

After learning to embrace 'no', we also became clearer about our 'yes'. We now say 'yes' to projects that align with our core values, our expertise, and our capacity to deliver exceptional results. We say 'yes' to creating meaningful partnerships and delivering outstanding work. By focusing on what we do best, we ensure that our 'yes' holds real value – for us and for our clients.


In conclusion, we'll start with a 'No' to whatever it is you want us to do. We'll have a conversation, we'll ask a lot of questions, and we'll get to understand if we can really help you, and if you're really needing the help we can give. If we get to a 'Yes', and it's a fairly big If - we'll welcome you with open arms to the team - first stop the pub.

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